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Didier Boy de la Tour (Anello), Aurel Studio and Ferran Quevedo (Beyrouth)
Lamy (photos of the agency and team), Avril Dunoyer (photo of Caterina Aurel)
Anello Lighting – iGuzzini:
Didier Boy de la Tour
Beirut – street furniture collection:
Yam Studio (photo 1)
Ferran Quevedo (photo 2)
Aurel studio (photo 3)
Bia Collection – Tôlerie Forezienne:
Caterina & Marc:
Avril Dunoyer
Cristella Lighting – Comatelec-Schréder:
Didier Boy de la Tour
Dubai Collection:
Jack Dabaghian
EXPO O2 – Neuchatel:
Yves André (photo 1)
Hyères – City centre redevelopment:
Didier Boy de la Tour
Ikone Light:
Indal (photo 5)
Kelly Collection – Escofet:
Kelly Cretton (photo 1), Anna Pericas (photos 2 – 5)
La Défense:
Stéphane Chambert
Lyon, Brotteaux – Lighting:
Erick Saillet Studio (photos 1 and 2)
Martigny (Suisse) – Central square:
Kelly Cretton
Yann Monel
Nymphéa Collection – Tôlerie Forézienne:
Studio Bisbee
Onda Collection – Metalco Mobil Concept:
Yann Monel
Paris – Experimental OSMOSE bus stop:
Yann Monel
Rousseau Island:
David Huguenin
Saya Collection – Metalco Mobil Concept:
Thomas Casubolo (photos 1 – 4, photo 6), Rip Hopkins (photo 5)
Sita Collection – Metalco Mobil Concept: Thomas Casubolo
Treccia Collection – Metalco Mobil Concept:
Rip Hopkins (photo 1)
Tram train:
Golem Images
ZEROuno Lighting – Philips:
Yann Monel