Small islands, Paris la Défense - Photograph by Stéphane Chambert


La Défense, Paris

Paris – La Défense


“Small islands” or spaces dedicated to well-being that act as bridges between the city and its inhabitants.
Within these islands, uses can be adapted and invented using furniture designed to meet different needs and create infinite ways of appropriating the spaces.
1. Suspended cocoons: for refuging, relaxing, having fun, listening to music, putting on make-up, working
2. Bamboo tables: for having lunch, working, logging in, charging mobile phones
3. Lobby: for meeting people, playing, relaxing
4. Large tables: for having lunch, working, chatting
5. Water features: for playing, having fun, hiding, listening to music
6. Library: for finding information, reading, logging in, discussing, relaxing

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  • La Défense, Paris, night view - Photograph by Stéphane Chambert