EXPO O2 - Neuchatel - Photograph by Yves André

Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

EXPO O2 – Neuchâtel


Lighting for the National Swiss Exhibition “Arteplage” in Neuchâtel, 2002.
Drawing on the exhibition theme, “Nature and Artifice”, we created lighting to reflect the project’s main elements: pebbles, artificial island, lake and reeds.
At night fall, the three giant pebbles housing the exhibition were illuminated by indirect lighting as if they floated on surface of a lake.
The field of artificial reeds structured the exhibition space into a multitude of illuminated dots moved by the wind and water.

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  • EXPO O2 - Neuchatel, green light
  • EXPO O2 - Neuchatel, overview
  • View night, EXPO O2 - Neuchatel
  • Neuchatel - EXPO O2